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The Tender Curve

Our objective is to spread positivity and motivation by focusing on self-love and self-care. We work towards reducing the stigma around mental health by creating mental health awareness through our brand.People today have forgotten how to be happy; they have forgotten what it is to be inspired what it to be real and motivated. We all are so busy with our daily lives today that we have forgotten to take time out for ourselves.  We are here to remind you that you are special in your own ways. We are here to remind you that it’s okay to not finish a task, or meet deadlines; it’s okay to not be okay! You deserve to be happy; you deserve to smile; you deserve to be cared for and loved. 


  • Creative Direction

  • E-Commerce Website Development



The needed to incorporate eCommerce features without making the website feel overly salesy or pushy.  The site presented a unique challenge with its vast array of content, ranging from blog posts to product pages to resources. The site also needed to feel personal without the use of photographs to do so.


To bring the website to life, we worked on creating engaging visuals for through illustrations and characters that users could identify with. Each character has a name, race, sexual orientation & personality traits to make them as inclusive as possible. Our team of experienced designers dedicated time to create a style guide for the website, including detailed illustrations and characters that were used throughout the website to provide a consistent message and style that was engaging for viewers. 

To ensure the customer-focused goal of was achieved, we conducted in depth research and worked on the website flow. After understanding the customer needs and their journey within the website, a navigation structure was devised to make sure that all the content is organized in a way that is easy to navigate for users. 

We built the blog site on a subdomain as a separate site so that it had it’s own unique identity as well as give it room to grow and expand in the future.


The Tender Curve

Project Type

Creative Direction

E-Commerce Website Development