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Excellent Projects

Excellent Projects was pioneered by late Mr. Mohan K. Nair in the name of ‘Excellent Engineering Construction’ in the year of 1988. His dynamic vision and confidence along with our highly competent staff has made this company the success story that it is today. We started our company as mechanical subcontractors but we shortly made our presence felt and became the primary contractors for reputed names in mechanical and construction industry. In 1996, we incorporated Excellent Projects (I) Pvt. Ltd. and since its inception it has always managed to match up to the expectations of our esteemed clients. We have also introduced full-fledged workshop facilities at MIDC, Taloja and Jamnagar, Gujarat.


  • Content Develpment

  • Website Development



Our aim was to develop a website for our client that would showcase their highly technical services and demonstrate the expertise and care they put into their work.

Sourcing images for the website was a challenge since the client works in a highly technical industry. The photos needed to accurately reflect the services and products offered by the client, but finding ones that would do so without being overly generic or industry-specific was difficult.


We began by analyzing the client’s brand and existing visual identity, then conducted a thorough assessment of the services they were offering. After careful consideration of both these factors, we developed an appropriate visual design to accurately represent the client’s products and services.

To ensure that the website had good visual impact and accurately represented our client’s services, we spent time researching and gathering images from multiple sources, such as stock photography websites, specialized databases, and even directly with the client. We also often had to manipulate existing images to make them more specific to their services or product offerings, which helped us create visuals that were both appealing and meaningful.

Our team worked closely with the client throughout every step of this project in order to ensure that they got exactly what they had envisioned. Through detailed feedback loops we were able to make sure that every aspect of this project exceeded our clients expectations by delivering an end product that is truly worthy of its “Excellent Projects” moniker.


Excellent Projects

Project Type

Website  Development

 Content Development