Website design

The introduction to your brand is through your website. A lasting impression is how the effect of your website should be. Personality is developed and website is designed; that is why your brand needs a well-thought and well-designed website. Your website and digital marketing presence is widely used by your audience to gauge your credibility. With more and more number of audiences to reach, website designing is becoming indispensable. The combination of captivating designs and content will ensure to give your website the refreshing and appealing look.

With our coding, designing and writing skills handy, your website will be designed to optimize its popularity in every way. We provide detailed design and content from the homepage to every page and section of the website that will be trendy and still speak for your brand.

Website development

Let open the doors of your brand to your audience through an engaging and friendly website. The way to your customer’s heart is through your website.

We, at Whole New Level, develop websites for the purpose of digital marketing, whether for Product, Portfolio or ecommerce website. With the tools, knowledge and efficiency of website coding, we develop –

  1. CMS (Content Management System) website – The CMS software allows you to manage (insert, edit, delete) the content of your website such as the services, blogs, articles and the like. Let your website not stay stale, have it revised with our CMS website.
  2. Landing pages – Get your aptly designed landing pages to give a prime peak into the website or any of its section. Enable your audience to be captivated enough in the landing pages to get the incentive to be further engaged in all its other pages too.
  3. One-page website – Do you wish for the simplest representation for your brand and your website? One-page website is just the right option for you. Get a single page website to have all the links designed to smartly open in the same page.
  4. Animated/Parallax website – A website for you that does something more than providing brand information. Have a website that so as to maneuver their way through an enthralling website!

We will ensure that the technical functioning of the website is never compromised and that the website delivers to the customers in the form that it is aspired to.

Website maintenance

‘Website maintenance and quality assurance constitute the backbone of high quality offers of information, and they mean the difference between amateurish and professional web design and development’ (Jens Oliver Meiert).

Like everything else, your website needs its preservation. Having a website without having it maintained serves no good for the information it aspires to spread. Boredom is an evil bug and you wouldn’t let your audience be bothered by one.

We design your website and we look after it by:

  1. Designing a layout of changes to suit with the current trends-Your website will be kept up-to-date with content, pictures, posts and blogs.
  2. Timely upgrading of software
  3. Backups.
  4. Facilitating the migration of the website from old to the new server.

With this, Whole New Level will ensure that your website is in order with constant checks on its working and errors to increase traffic and boost sales.

Social Media

Social media marketing

One of the important places where popularity is born is Social Media. We know how important it is for your ideas and your brand to be out there, and what better way to do so than social media. Have your brand’s popularity spread with quick response and attention to every single customer.

Your brand will be looked after dedicatedly and timely promotion of on major social media platforms.

So, invest your resources in creating your ideas while we invest our resources to promote them on social media. Have your ideas shine through us with:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
Your brand wouldn’t be differentiated with others unless it is well strategized and executed. Let your brand reap the benefits of it with increased knowledge among your target audience, improved brand Inbound-Traffic, brand loyalty due to one-to-one social media interaction and thus increase in the overall brand value.

Social media management

With an ocean of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and everything else, there is no denying that social media management is what will get your brand the right amount of exposure and the coverage that it needs. Whether your business is at its peak or is at the first flight of stairs, your presence in the social media will keep you in the league.

With our unfailing social media tools, we will have the content and the design of your brand managed and upgraded on all the leading social media platforms. So deep breaths for you while your brand is being known and shared far and wide.


Application Development

We develop and design mobile applications that are just right to incorporate all the functional features and widely cater to the audience.

The Applications that we develop function on mobile platforms such as iPhone or Android, in line with the requirements and specifications of the particular platform. We also develop cross platform applications. Every application will be well-engineered, coded and customized to meet your brand’s needs, be customer friendly with appealing features and unique but easy-to-use User Interface.

Application interface design

Have applications designed that are practical yet attractive, well-engineered yet creative and colorful. With the perfect coding, color and design, we will ensure that you be delivered the application that has smooth functioning and is easy-to-use.

Whether your application is to make work easier and simpler, or for adult and children entertainment, the interface design will be reflecting the purpose in every sense for which they are created, with us. Depending on what your target audience is going to be, your application interface will consist of the suitable icons, font style, font size and images.


Brand identity

To have your audience know more of your brand, you need something to know it by or its own identity. Have an emotional impact on your audience; have distinct logo, content, graphics, tagline to make your brand stand out. While you have your ideas in place, it is time that you have your brand’s identity is developed.

Our creative minds on researching, designing and writing will give your brand the identity that it best deserves. We work on everything from brand creation, extension and positioning to brand storytelling, internal realignment, innovation workshops, new product development and more.

With the entire creative team on board we provide services for creating your brand right from the inception of the process starting with Brand Name, to give your brand a grand first impression. Brand identity is not limited to brand name and logo. It has many aspects and we cover:

  1. Logo Conceptualization and design–a graphical design for a symbol with the concept that best suits your brand.
  2. Corporate Communication signature design – a logotype and a design for the unique identification for your audience.
  3. Corporate Attire design – a suitable design for the appropriate corporate dressing.
  4. Stationery design – crucial to developing the brand identity and a walking-talking promotional source for your customers and target audience.
  5. Letterhead and Envelope design – the customized introductions for your brand through our compelling designs for letterheads and envelope.
  6. Customized branding Design for all types of products and service.

Branding strategy

Your brand is your everyday interaction with your audience. It explicitly embodies what you stand for. Branding strategy is the carrier for your brand to reach newer heights. It will help your brand to thrive amongst the crowd of competitors.

We create an identity that is unique for your brand and one that enables your brand to break through the clutter. Our strategy is built on the lines of building brand name, creating a brand logo, devising the perfect tagline and the list goes on. We work our strategy for your brand on the lines of-

  1. Starting from the start, we’ll first go through the Why’s and define your goals.
  2. Having deep understanding of your brand and your target audience.
  3. Being flexible with the strategies, that is, with the content and design,
  4. Keeping up with the latest trends.
  5. Developing an identity that is relatable to the audience.
  6. Developing an identity that is relatable to your ideals and vision.

A major edge over others is what an effective branding strategy gives you.


Isn’t the tagline what we remember first of the brand and its name? What follows a brand name is its tagline. Your tagline is the extension by which your brand will be known, something that will resonate with what you really are and what you really do; let it be a good one.

Our creative team will give your brand the well-suited tagline, just right to bring out its ideals; a key hole for a quick peek into the universe of your brand. Your investment, to have our creative endeavors put in the developing of the best description of your brand, will indeed prove to be of worth.


Search Engine Optimization

The newest way to market is here! Being in the top of the search engines rankings has been and shall always remain the consistent desire of brands.

SEO is focused on growing visibility on organic search results. Increasing traffic, frequenting users and improving visibility are some important verses from our bible. Our suitable, relevant and desirable content with constant updating will ensure to give you the best leads and to attain all that your brand aspires. Understanding the target audience, incorporating the best used keywords, developing and designing website and constant monitoring with marketing experts is how our SEO strategy builds up. With updates every day, get nothing but the best for your brand. While the right SEO can get you thousands of visitors, one wrong move can bring your website minimal visibility.

Your website needs SEO (  )

Search engine marketing

Besides Search Engine Optimization, here is another broader advertising tool that the internet has to offer- Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It is one of the sure ways to have your brand made familiar to the search engine users through paid advertising links or paid listings in the search engines.

Grow your brand the smart way with this assuring and powerful medium of organic and paid advertising. Know that you are known and we get you that. Explore this area of marketing with our experience in making the complicated Search Engine Marketing tools simpler and easier for your brand.

We undertake SEM through:

  • Strategizing based on the study of target audience
  • Application of effective keywords
  • Optimizing your website content
  • Adding links to your website
  • Include a compelling ‘call to action’ in the Ad and send traffic to a relevant landing page tied to the Ad.
  • And, measuring the progress.


Content creation

Your brand is judged by your content every time it is displayed.  And the good news is we write, we edit and we love the written world. Let us know what is on your mind and we will invest all our creative endeavors to deliver the best-suited content for your social media or website or for any given platform.

We bring together an engaging and relatable content for your:

  • Blogs– Have yourself and your opinions adequately expressed with blogs that are both authentic and relevant. We will make sure your blog has catchy headings, sub-heading, clear paragraphs and use keywords for SEO and SEM.
  • Articles – Make your brand familiar and get research and interviews that resonate with the trend and the audience, communicated precisely with our content strategist.
  • Post and Product descriptions – whether your website should contain post or product descriptions, our technical and well-researched content for any type of description will be customized for your brand.
  • Brand Storyboard– Your audience wouldn’t connect with your brand unless they get to be emotionally intimate with your ideals. Give your audience the connection with your journey through your Brand Storyboard. We will help you tell your story.At Whole New Level, We strive to have the content to be in sync with your needs and aspirations and consistently be for your audience.

Content marketing strategy

The backbone of marketing and its strategy is Content Marketing Strategy. We have the creative team and we have the technology. We will maximize the value of your brand by maximizing the marketing strategy of your content.

Our content marketing strategy concentrates on-

  1. Managing company’s social media profile– we will make sure that you are known with constant updates in the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  2. Optimizing SEO– With appropriation of keywords, we will make sure that you get the optimum visibility and traffic your brand.
  3. Blogging for your website and webpages– We will have your content optimally strategized with apt content for the blogs of your website and webpage.
  4. Using infographics– With information graphics, we will have your content be visually represented in the most engaging and easily understandable form.

Depending on the media of distribution, our wordsmiths and marketers will devise the optimum content strategy, and create to distribute the content.


Graphic Design

Want to have your brand gladly and permanently reside in your audience’s memories? The perfect blend of design and content with Graphic Designing is what you need. Welcome to the world of compelling design and of endless possibilities.

The foundation to attract viewers or even readers towards a concept is through its design and we are proud creators of our many creative and innovative Graphic Designs to communicate the motive of the brand in the best possible way;  consisting:

  1. Web based creatives including User Interface and User Experience Design and everything in between.
  2. Icons design – custom made icons to suit your audience.
  3. Infographics– to have the information and statistics across your target audience in the most creative and unique form
  4. Leaflets and Brochures – Using attractive and modern graphics in brief leaflets and detailed brochures.

Product design

The appearance of your product is what defines everything about it and what will eventually attract customers to your brand.  Your product needs it to be immortalised in the memories of your audience, and the most powerful medium is to present it uniquely; a design that has a tinge of familiarity and yet is different from the rest.

The best way, we believe, to have an effective design for your product is to unravel what your product intends to serve and design the product to facilitate that intention. Researching your target audience,  we centralise on creating the design that poses as the best uncomplicated solution for the known everyday struggles.

Packaging design

Isn’t it widely agreed that one of the reasons for higher sales is a captivating packaging design? A cover is undeniably something through which a brand speaks out. As the brand name, the design of your packaging is how your brand is going to be recognized.

One of the essentials of branding is its packaging. With the extensive research of your brand and the target audience that it caters, we design customized packages to suit the products of your brand. We design the packaging for your product to not attract the deserved attention but also for it to be durable and portable. Our creative team will make sure that your product appeals as well as successfully magnetizes its viewers to want more of it.

We design the box or the wrapper for the product that:

  • Highlights the essential qualities
  • Safe
  • Easy to use and remove the packaging
  • Promotes and reinforces the brand

You’ve got to give the best impression, we can help you with it.

Art direction

Have the perfect placement of designs and content with our creative team on board. We will help you get the perfect outcome for your creation with the well-placed designs.

Get the apt placement and immaculate arrangement with our art director and content creator for online marketing such as websites, social media, mobile apps and e-mails as well as offline marketing such as for logos and branding, leaflets and brochures. We will look into your project from the inception till the completion, and after reviewing it; deliver you a visually satisfying creation.

User Interface Design

The User Interface speaks for its brand like the packaging for its product.

The Interface design that is consistent with your brand and the one that sings along with your target audience is what your brand needs and that is exactly what we will serve you with. Welcome your potential consumers to your brand with creative, colorful and interactive world of User Interface to leave them enthralled and well pleased.

A User Interface to have the users stick to it well past the brand idea is sent across; to provide its audience all it needs and so much more. Give the perfect impression for the perfect lead.

We will enable your User Interface to be:

  • Attractive
  • Simple to use and clear to understand
  • Responsive
  • Consistent on all interfacing screens
  • Enable shortcuts for frequent users
  • Offer informative feedback
  • Offer simple error handling
  • Reduce short-term memory load

Let’s get talking, shall we?


Marketing Strategy

The ways in which you market your brand are in exhaustive. Marketing can be as simple as talking about brand or as huge as costing you a fortune. Executing either of them without prior strategizing it, would be detriment for your brand.

We strategize our marketing depending upon whether your preference is:

  1. Inbound marketing– we will ensure that the right content is developed to resonate and be of use to your target audience. Be assured of your brand to be known through our skills in blogging and on social media platforms.
  2. Outbound marketing– with captivating graphic design and catchy content, we will make your brand reach the widest possible audience through this classical mode of marketing.

We strategizing of marketing your brand would involve

  • Extensive research
  • Striking content
  • Effective content promotion
  • Engaging visual
  • Effective call-to-action

We will bring together our team of developer, content strategist and designer to meet your goals. So, what keeps you from having your brand be known?

Media Purchasing

Get your message spread and brand known widely and thoroughly through the purchase of media. With wide range of media opportunities such as offline media in the form of radio, newspapers, magazines,  and online media in the form of e-mails, social media, search engines, games and video clips.

We will undertake Media Purchasing through-

  • Identifying and understanding your target audience.
  • Planning of the core strategies.
  • Compare various mediums to boil down to the best Media platform.
  • Tracking of the process and the outcome.

Get the best results with your allocated budget with us through right places, best spaces, the right content, compelling design and apt placement of each of them.

Email marketing solutions

E-mails have and always will remain a sure way to reach to a desired person or group of people. An e-mail marketing solution is one such way to acquire and retain your customers. You too could reach your audience personally and we will make sure that your brand not only reaches but also impresses them.

The email marketing solutions consists of:

  • Newsletters:

Deepen relationship with your subscribers by sending email newsletters providing useful how-tos or informative updates of your brand.

  • Acquisition emails:

Put out captivating content with offers and information for your target audience that are yet to be your customers.

  • Retention emails:

Retain your subscribers with a special offer or a message.

  • Promotional emails:

Increase sales or introduce a new product or service with Promotional Emails.

With people receiving hundreds of marketing emails every day, how do you stand out from the competition? We will help foster and nurture your relationship with your customers through emails by:

  • Creating content that your audience can connect with.
  • Quick replies
  • Tracking and measure customer engagements

Have your message read and understood and not inadvertently deleted or sent to junk with our unlimited supply of creatives.

Feedback forms

Widely used way of understanding how the brand is received among the target audience is through the feedback forms. Feedback forms constitute an important element of market research and analysis. Know your audience better with Feedback Forms and with us.

We will have the Feedback Forms designed to attract honest feedback from majority of the audience through zero functional complications and easy interface. Have us study your audience, their needs and requirements to have for you better brand popularity.

We develop Feedback Forms that are:

  • Easy-to-use with higher completion rates.
  • Easy to understand and friendly.
  • Well worded.
  • Consistent (like, the rating scales).
  • Clutter- free and easy on eyes.

Develop, improve and enrich user experience with an amiable and comfortable Feedback Form.

Media Purchasing

Get your message spread and brand known widely and thoroughly through the purchase of media. With wide range of media opportunities such as offline media in the form of radio, newspapers, magazines,  and online media in the form of e-mails, social media, search engines, games and video clips.

We will undertake Media Purchasing through-

  • Identifying and understanding your target audience.
  • Planning of the core strategies.
  • Compare various mediums to boil down to the best Media platform.
  • Tracking of the process and the outcome.

Get the best results with your allocated budget with us through right places, best spaces, the right content, compelling design and apt placement of each of them.


Advertising strategy

Growth of your brand starts with its being known. Advertising is one such carrier of your ideas. For you to have the best carrier, we detail our advertising strategy that involves-

Above the Line advertising (ATL) – Have your brand advertised on the wider scale and to wider audience through the medium of TV, outdoor ads, internet; social media being one of the tools of internet.

Below the Line advertising (BTL)– Have your brand endorsed on the smaller scale and to specific targeted audience or reach a niche audience with direct consumer outreach programmes and mediums such as emailers, one-to-one meetings, giving away of samples, discounts and offers, designing and developing of brochures and leaflets.

We will customize our advertising strategy as per your convenience and requirements to make your product or service known to its potential customers.

Animated videos

What better way to have your brand conveyed to the target audience than animated videos? Give your website the edge over others. Animated videos give you the best opportunity to have your audience closer to your brand.

Animated videos are more intriguing and engaging than the long description of your business. This makes it easier to convey the ideas, with lesser and lesser time at your audience’s disposal. Let go, for a change, the overwhelming emails and texts. Woo your audience by presenting animated videos through:

  • Email marketing
  • Website animation
  • Animated e-cards

Let your audience enjoy the personalized experience with your brand, with our ideas running freely through animated videos and design.

Radio advertisements

Reach your potential customer wide and loud through the vintage and effective method of Radio. Radio advertisements allow wide reach to connect with folks from all walks of life, immediately and intimately. Get in touch with your audience anytime and anywhere through a very cost effective medium.

With our creative content and expressive voiceover we intend to have your audience glued to your brand advertisement. With our tools ready, switching to other radio channels wouldn’t be the thought through the advertisement.

Taking into consideration the requirements of your brand, we will get you:

  • the best radio stations on board
  • best times to advertise and
  • optimum length for advertising.

Explore this new area of advertisements to build brand recognition. Your listeners are in for a treat with our radio advertisements.

Public Relations

Public Relations

Winning new customers and retaining the existing ones has always been the intent of the businesses, and shall be yours too. Public Relations will be the medium to create, boost and spread the positive impact for your brand. Connect closely, build impactful relationships with your customers with our tools of Public Relations.

Our tools consist :

  • Letting out stories and articles found in media platforms that suit your target audience.
  • Keeping constant checks on media vehicles for public comment about your brand and its products and services.
  • Organizing and managing community, philanthropic and special programs, workshops and events.

Campaign tracking and analysis

What is it that really works to bring in traffic for your brand? How exactly is this traffic facilitated? What is your ROI (Return On Marketing Investment)? If you happen to be seeking these answers lately or have been executing it inefficiently, Campaign tracking is your cue.

Once you track your ROI, you can quit shooting arrows in the air and instead zero in on what is in reality, working for your brand. Track each of your posts, advertisements, emailers, launches and campaigns; enable your brand to invests its time, money and resources in strategies that are shown to be valuable.

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) through Google Analytics if one of our ways to get you what sources or links were accessed; and that tells you:

  • where your visitors came from (social media, website).
  • how the visitors got to your site (email, direct).
  • what creative or content is working best to bring in traffic.
  • what campaign worked best for your brand.