What your brand should not do ‘This festive season’.

Yes, it is that time of the year again. Where the market is swamped with offers and the customers, spoilt for choice. In an era of digital marketing, one would think it is extremely simple to reach out to customers and deliver exactly what they need. But did you know there may be things you are doing that might be turning them off from your brand, probably forever? Here are some things your brand should not do to avoid losing your precious audience:


  1. Clichés: Clichés are called clichés for a reason – they are boring. Festivals are not only a reason to celebrate, but also a platform for you to showcase your brand in a new light. If it has helped in boosting your sales, you can indulge in overused techniques like coupons and discounts, but team them up with something innovative. Organise a promotional campaign on social media or team it up with an interactive experience with the customers. This can help you break the rut and ensure the audience sees a different side of your brand.
  2.  Complicated Messaging: If you can’t beat them, confuse them – sounds workable as a phrase, will definitely not work while selling your product. Brands often try providing too many USPs in one single communication making the end message extremely off putting and confusing. Opt for clean content and relevant designing, sell the customer only one aspect of the product or service at a time.
  3. Over the top branding: Pushing your audience to like you, only makes them get fed up you. Allow them to choose you over the others. Constant pop up ads, bulk e-mailers, over targeted ads, etc. will make your customers feel like your brand is being shoved down their throats. Keep it subtle, plan accordingly.
  4. False Scarcity: “BUY NOW! LIMITED TIME OFFER!” Sounds familiar? There’s no denying that scarcity raises prices, and that people perceive things to be of higher value if they are rare. But using this tactic for all your products is only going to diminish its value. It won’t be long before it turns out like the story of the boy who cried wolf. The audience is bound to realize that the opportunity isn’t really rare.


The digital era gives us the opportunity to interact, retain and empower our audiences in ways that were not possible before. So have fun with the festive season and interact with your audience in ways that will uplift your brand.