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Pacesetter Diaries is a series of interviews that Whole New Level conducted with inspirational women from eclectic walks of life. Women who achieved remarkable feats in their lives and managed to make a mark of their own. We bring to you real life insights in to the perseverance required for each of their achievements and how they managed to convert their weaknesses to strengths. We had the privilege to speak to them and understand the various dynamics of the industry and how the scenario has changed for working women in the past decade. They told us their stories and the challenges they had to face to reach the position they are in now. As a company co-founded by women, Whole New Level couldn’t help but be inspired. With the hope that you will be equipped with real life tools to change your paradigm, we would like to share these stories with you.
In this interview Sangita Kheora Thakur, National Head for Events & Sr. General Manager for Business Standard – Western Region, discusses how she chose her career path and the importance of learning at all times.
“Education is extremely important, explore your talents and keep updating yourself.”
Pooja Melwyn Dsouza, Vice President of Sales and Operations Spectrum Networks Solutions Pvt. Ltd., discusses the changing scenario in the work force for women and shares some valuable advice about achieving work life balance.
“Once we are focused, support system starts generating lot of energy, it starts reacting in a positive manner.”
Priyanka Dsouza, self employed professional and IT consultant, discusses the various dynamics a working woman needs to balance and explains what keeps her going through tough times.
“People need to have her own identity. As a woman you should have your own thing and follow your own dreams.”
Founder of Secrets of Aura, Naqqiya Jarwalla speaks about her fascinating journey into the world of aura reading and her interactions with people in the unconventional path chosen by her.
“I don’t think entrepreneurs can take a receding step if they’re in the right track. You will always go in the upward direction.”
Krupa Shukla, Chief Executive Officer at YUPS Tech Solutions India, speaks about why she decided to stick to the technical field and face the odds to begin her company over a regular job.
“Believe in what you are doing and believe in yourself, people will definitely respect you more for that one day.”
Khadija Jarwalla,Founder of HiFi Styles talks about her passion for creating jewellery and how it led to create a e-commerce venture for selling custom made jewellery.
“From a business perspective, you cannot finish the race until and unless you give yourself time.”
Songwriter and avid traveller Zoya Mohan gets candid about her music and the inspiration behind doing what she does.
“To be able to travel and do this for a living and meet so many interesting people just gives me more things to write. Right now I am just making more money to make more music and to be able to travel.”
We hope their stories inspire you to look at your own situations, struggles and accomplishments through a different lens. Equipped with the right tools and examples, you can be polished to shine like the diamond you are meant to be.

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